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Old Town Companies is proud to lead the way by designing and building innovative community developments that pave the path for a more diverse, inclusive, and enriching future. Take a look at our past projects to see our commitment to excellence, creativity, and thoughtful design at work.

Sunrise on the Monon 6Sunrise on the Monon 6
Sunrise on the Monon 7Sunrise on the Monon 7
Sunrise on the Monon 9Sunrise on the Monon 9
Sunrise on the Monon 8Sunrise on the Monon 8
Sunrise on the Monon 1Sunrise on the Monon 1
Sunrise on the Monon 4Sunrise on the Monon 4
Sunrise on the Monon 5Sunrise on the Monon 5

Sunrise on the Monon

Carmel, IN

Sunrise on the Monon is just one of many neighborhoods developed by Old Town. This neighborhood was an 80-acre golf course that we redeveloped into a residential community that includes 148 single family home lots and 256 custom-designed apartments. Sunrise on the Monon is located near 99th Street and Westfield Boulevard on the Monon Trail in Carmel, Indiana and offers private wooded and intimate village lots within a traditional neighborhood environment.

North End 4North End 4
North End ExteriorNorth End Exterior
North EndNorth End
North End 6North End 6
North End 9North End 9
North End 10North End 10
North End 11North End 11

North End

Carmel, IN

North End, a 28-acre neighborhood on Carmel’s north side, harmoniously blends varied housing options, office spaces, and amenities while preserving the natural topography. North End is an integrated community that includes a dedicated portion of the apartments for residents with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD). The development includes 168 units in three buildings, 46 townhomes, and 10 single-family lots. One building features 25,000 square feet of retail and office space. General amenities include a pool, dog wash, coffee roaster, an urban farm, garage parking, and a connection to the Monon Trail.

Provenance at DiscoveryProvenance at Discovery
Provenance at Discovery Park 1Provenance at Discovery Park 1
Provenance at Discovery Park 2Provenance at Discovery Park 2
Provenance at Discovery Park 4Provenance at Discovery Park 4
Provenance at Discovery Park 5Provenance at Discovery Park 5
Provenance at Discovery Park 6Provenance at Discovery Park 6
Provenance at Discovery Park 7Provenance at Discovery Park 7
Provenance at Discovery Park 8Provenance at Discovery Park 8
Provenance at Discovery Park 9Provenance at Discovery Park 9
Provenance at Discovery Park 10Provenance at Discovery Park 10
Provenance at Discovery Park 11Provenance at Discovery Park 11
Provenance at Discovery Park 12Provenance at Discovery Park 12
Provenance at Discovery Park 13Provenance at Discovery Park 13
Provenance at Discovery Park 14Provenance at Discovery Park 14
Provenance at Discovery Park 15Provenance at Discovery Park 15
Provenance at Discovery Park 16Provenance at Discovery Park 16
Provenance at Discovery Park 17Provenance at Discovery Park 17
Provenance at Discovery Park 18Provenance at Discovery Park 18

Provenance at Discovery Park

Lafayette, IN

Old Town Companies is proud to be the Master Developer for Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) for the development of a residential village in connection with PRF’s Discovery Park District, a $1 Billion project that is transforming the west side of Purdue University’s campus. Provenance at Discovery Park District is a unique, dense, urban mixed residential village conveniently located near employment and education. The Provenance neighborhood caters to a diverse segment of the non-student population. Single family homes, town homes, luxury condominiums, and multifamily rental apartments create an amenity-rich, walkable environment truly compatible with its proximity to campus, Horticulture Park, Discovery Park District, and area businesses. Provenance is on the southwest corner of State Street and Airport Road. For more information, visit LiveAtProvenance.com.

Federal Hill ProjectFederal Hill Project
Federal Hill 1Federal Hill 1

Federal Hill

Noblesville, IN

Federal Hill, a vibrant mixed-use community in downtown Noblesville, Indiana, presents an excellent blend of retail and residential spaces. This development provides 10,000 square feet of retail space and promises residents a prime location at the heart of city life. It features 222 apartments spread across two buildings, with 118 units in one and 104 in the other. Federal Hill residents enjoy a range of community amenities, including ample public parking, proximity to the amphitheater and summer farmer’s market, as well as quick access to several parks, trails, and nature sites. Additionally, the development offers substantial parking options. For relaxation and entertainment, residents have access to a pool and expansive amenity spaces, making Federal Hill truly the “center of it all.”

MidTown Plaza Carmel 4MidTown Plaza Carmel 4
MidTown Plaza Carmel 3MidTown Plaza Carmel 3
MidTown Plaza Carmel 1MidTown Plaza Carmel 1
MidTown Plaza Carmel 2MidTown Plaza Carmel 2

MidTown Plaza Carmel

Carmel, IN

The Midtown Plaza urban revitalization project breathed new life into the City of Carmel’s old industrial area with the development of a unique urban atmosphere, commercial and entertainment opportunities, and urban style living. This mixed-use development in Carmel, Indiana, connects the Arts & Design District to City Center and offers a range of free amenities, including neighborhood green spaces, community gathering places, interactive play areas for kids of all ages, public art, and big screen entertainment. The Plaza is also home to a number of Carmel’s top employers, including Allied Solutions, MJ Insurance, and Merchants Bank, as well as several fine dining establishments, like Sun King Taproom & Distillery and Fork + Ale House. Visit MidtownPlazaCarmel.com to learn more.

Sun King Spirits

Carmel, IN

Old Town partnered with Sun King for the development of a family-friendly food hall in the heart of Midtown Carmel. The building, a 15,000 square foot, two-story structure located on a public event plaza is a unique maze of bars, restaurants, a market, and Sun King’s distillery operations. The building has an event room for private meetings and parties as well as a sun deck, which looks out over Midtown’s growing corporate landscape.

Allied Solutions Headquarters

Carmel, IN

Old Town partnered with Ambrose Development to build Allied Solutions’ new $33 Million headquarters in the heart of Midtown Carmel, bringing 600 jobs to the city. Located on the Monon Trail, the “Allied Building” is a 137,000 square foot, five-story office building that features Class A office and retail space connected by sky bridge to a 587-space parking garage.

MJ Insurance Headquarters

Carmel, IN

Old Town’s partnership with Ambrose Development also resulted in the development of another Class A office building in the newly expanded Midtown District in Carmel. MJ Insurance relocated its headquarters into 30,000 square feet in the building, which also features restaurant and retail space right on the Monon Trail expansion.

Magnolia 7Magnolia 7
Magnolia 5Magnolia 5
Magnolia 6Magnolia 6
Magnolia 8Magnolia 8

Magnolia: Luxury Living at 126th & Rangeline

Carmel, IN

Old Town Companies planned luxury condominiums at the southeast corner of 126th Street and South Rangeline Road. Each condominium building includes five units in total, creating a rare opportunity for both privacy and luxury. The development offers covered parking to homeowners. The location is directly across the street from shops and restaurants and within one block of Carmel’s beautiful Palladium, the City’s popular center for performing arts. To learn more about floor plans and available units, visit MagnoliaCarmel.com.

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